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ALC Health Plan

Thank you for your interest in the ALC Health Plan, insured by PacificSource Health Plans. Founded in 2023, the ALC Health Plan is the Associated Logging Contractors of Idaho’s own medical insurance program, with discounts and competitive coverage available only to ALC members. You may be surprised how much you could save, and the quality benefits you could provide your employees. Get started today!

  • Regular ALC members are eligible. Associate members (those not in the logging industry) are not eligible at this time.
  • Groups as small as two people are eligible, including husband-and-wife teams, as long as both people work at least 20 hours per week in the business.
  • Employers must pay 50% of an enrolling employee’s premium, based on the lowest-cost plan offered.
  • Employers may offer their employees 1 to 3 different plans, out of multiple options.
  • 70% of eligible employees who are not covered elsewhere will need to enroll in order for a group to meet participation requirements.
  • Groups can enroll mid-year and employees’ deductibles already paid under a previous group plan can be applied to the new plan.

Request your quote below! We’ll get right back to you.

We will reply to quote requests within 3 business days and answer many potential questions then. If you need to reach us in the meantime, please feel free to call 208-955-8170 or email us.

Interested in more information about Associated Logging Contractors membership? Visit or call 208-667-6473 to speak to the ALC team.

The ALC Benefit Plan Trust is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit multiple employer welfare arrangement sponsored by Associated Logging Contractors, Inc. As a nonprofit, the Trust strives to keep expenses low. It collects a flat administrative fee per enrolled employee per year to cover the costs of keeping the Plan running smoothly. The administrative fees are recalculated each year.


Great service and are so friendly and helpful.

The AIS crew takes care of you! They offer great service and are so friendly and helpful.