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About Us

An Independent Advantage

We are independent agents in Boise and Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, serving clients throughout the West. As independent agents, we go to the insurance marketplace on your behalf, seeking the best insurers for your specific needs. We have strong relationships with some of the best insurance companies in the county and we have access to hundreds of markets. We stick by your side when you have a loss and follow through to see that you get fair, prompt payment and service. Our insurance company portfolio represents a carefully selected group of financially strong, reputable insurers. We are able to offer robust coverage at a competitive price, always delivered with outstanding service.

Our Roots

Our parent company was founded in 1979 by a group of Idaho logging and wood products hauling contractors who believed that by banding together, they could solve many of their industry’s safety issues. They committed to high safety standards and professionalism and formed Associated Loggers Exchange, which is a non-assessable reciprocal workers compensation insurance company owned by its policyholders. Fast-forward 26 years and these same contractors found themselves benefitting from their commitment to safety and the success of the insurance company they helped create. The Board of Governors of Associated Loggers Exchange decided to take their commitment a step further and open an independent insurance agency that would specialize in their industry, developing insurance programs that would fit their needs better than any other agency could. They founded Associated Insurance Services in 2005 to work with the unique needs of the forest products industry. Now, not only do the logging contractors have industry experts advocating for them for workers compensation insurance, but their trucking, equipment, liability, property, and surety bond needs are prioritized too. All clients of Associated Loggers Exchange are policyholder-owners, owning both the Exchange and the insurance agency.

Growing Strong

We recognized long ago that our insurance expertise runs deep, extending far into other industries. By bringing our same commitment to excellence and specialization to a broader group of clients, we can better serve our original clients too.

Today, in addition to the forest products industry, our agency also specializes in construction, transportation, manufacturing, real estate, bars, and restaurants. We are well diversified, affiliated with premier insurance carriers, and able to offer coverage for almost any commercial venture. Since every employer knows it can be challenging to find and keep good talent, we have a fantastic employee benefits department to serve your medical, dental, vision, life and disability insurance needs. Additionally, we have a personal insurance specialist who assists clients with coverage for their homes, vehicles, boats, and much more.

Standing Tall

Here at Associated Insurance Services, we pride ourselves on being the best at what we do. We live and breathe our Vision, Mission and Values every day. We are proud of our Idaho roots and unique story. We are one of only a handful of local, Idaho-based insurance agencies left.

As we look to the future, we are positioning ourselves for the long-term. We realize that an insurance policy is only a small component of a business’s risk management program. Business owners also need guidance through the complexities of OSHA compliance, employee training, human resources, contract management, and so much more. We are committed to going beyond insurance. Our proprietary risk management solution, PEAK360, uses a variety of techniques to identify, measure, and reduce risk, while enhancing an organization’s performance through non-insurance solutions. Learn more about PEAK360 and the value it offers your business here: