The PEAK360 Process

Risk Improvement Strategies
360 Degrees of Protection for Your Business

PEAK360 is simple yet revolutionary. It begins with genuine curiosity and desire to understand the inner workings of your business. If we don’t understand your business and its challenges, we won’t be able to accurately identify your risk exposures. We agree that the procurement of insurance is essential. However, unlike most agents and brokers, we do not believe insurance is the cornerstone of a deep, long-lasting and mutually-profitable relationship with our clients.

PEAK360 utilizes a variety of techniques to identify, measure and reduce risks, while enhancing your organization’s performance through noninsurance solutions. Each recommendation is carefully examined with consideration for its impact on your organization’s bottom line.

Intelligence Quotient for Risk Management

An integral component of PEAK360 is the IQRM, a risk assessment tool that clearly quantifies risk issues and benchmarks your organization at any point in time against best practices. Each of the 21 IQRM modules has been meticulously crafted by one of our Subject Matter Experts, renown leaders in their fields.