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Workers Compensation Insurance

Since our doors opened in 2005, workers compensation insurance has been our agency’s primary specialty. We are the only agency appointed to write business for Associated Loggers Exchange in Idaho. Associated Loggers Exchange, or ALE (pronounced “A-L-E”), as it’s commonly called, is one of the few Idaho-domiciled insurance companies.

Founded in 1979 by a group of Idaho logging and wood products hauling contractors, ALE is a non-assessable reciprocal insurance company owned by its policyholders. This group of logging and hauling contractors believed that by banding together, they could solve many of their industry’s safety issues. They committed to high safety standards and professionalism – and it paid off. Their commitment to safety and their diligent efforts to create an insurance company resulted in over 40 years (and counting) of dependable workers compensation insurance for an industry that has historically been difficult and expensive to insure.

10 Reasons You Should Be Insured By ALE

Expertise: ALE specializes in workers compensation insurance. They do only one thing, and they spend all their time getting it right.

Control: “We Work for You!” The insurance company is owned by its policyholders and therefore the company is run to suit their needs. Any profit that is not needed for operations goes back to qualifying policyholders in the form of dividends.

Cost: ALE has a history of offering rates that are among the most competitive of any insurance carrier in Idaho and Montana, and the current rates are no exception.

Premium Returns: Of all workers compensation insurance companies operating in Idaho, ALE returns one of the highest percentages of premium to its policyholders each year.

Stability: Workers compensation insurance companies typically go through cycles where high-risk businesses, such as logging, find it difficult to find a place for their insurance. This is why ALE was formed, to provide a stable long-term source of workers compensation insurance for the forest industry. ALE is now providing workers compensation insurance and the same kind of stability to businesses not related to the forest industry. Established in 1979, ALE has history of growth and improvement and becomes stronger every year.

Claims Service: ALE’s claims examiners are extremely knowledgeable. They are able to put the necessary time and effort into managing your claims to prevent them from costing more than they should. Keeping claims under control lowers costs and protects your experience mod, which leads to keeping your rates down. They are aggressive and fair in their claims handling.

Customer Service: ALE has a small staff and each staff member treats every policyholder like they are the only one that matters. They are customer-oriented and they pride themselves on having old-fashioned friendly service as well as the latest technological capabilities. They don’t have automated menus and recordings during business hours, just real people.

Genuine Respect: If you buy a policy from ALE you own a piece of the company and join the family of policyholders, you’re not just a faceless name in a file.

Access: Want to talk to the President of the company? Call the office and ask for John. Want to go higher and talk to the Chairman of the Board? The Chairman is very accessible as are all members of the Board of Governors. Want to know what really goes on inside the insurance company? Come to Board meetings – all policyholders are welcome.

Safety Coordination: ALE works closely with safety personnel who are constantly out visiting policyholders on the jobsite; this is a key to ALE’s success and has led to a tremendous reduction in the occurrence of on-the-job injuries. When one policyholder operates his business safely and does not have on-the-job injuries, it not only contributes to his success but contributes to the success of the entire insurance company, which benefits all policyholders.